Mysteries pervade the human experience. Who built the ancient pyramids? How big is our universe? What is the meaning of life? At Tacos Oscar, our greatest inspiration is the wonder gushing from the font of the unknown. Sure, some of these questions are whimsical, but others are positively maddening. Perhaps the most difficult question of them all –the one that keeps us up at night– is this: What is the accent of Jon Voight’s character in the seminal 1997 snake-based thriller, Anaconda?

The cast for this carnivorous snake caper is a veritable cornucopia, boasting Owen Wilson, Ice Cube, Jennifer Lopez, Eric Stoltz, Danny Trejo, and many more of Hollywood’s best and brightest. Even amongst this Orion’s belt of Hollywood stars, one rises above the rest: Jon Voight’s accent. Spurning any known geographical location, Jon Voight’s accent is as mesmerizing as the eyes of the film’s namesake serpent. It’s confounding, captivating.

Join us as we try to solve this riddle of reptilian cinema. Join us as we explore the man, the myth, the legend… Jon Voight’s performance as Paul Sarone.