Tacos Y Mas


All tacos on Xulo flour tortillas! Corn tortillas available upon request : )

Huevo con Jamon Breakfast Burrito … $15

Ham and Sungold tomato scramble, Mayocoba beans, Tillamook cheddar, guacasalsa, onion, cilantro in a flour tortilla

Vegan Breakfast Burrito … $15

Pan fried potatoes, sautéed peppers & onions, Mayocoba beans, chile morita mayonesa, avocado, onion, cilantro in a flour tortilla VEGAN Contains soy!

Taco de Huevo … $6

Fried egg, salsa macha, Tillamook cheddar, pickled onion, cilantro Contains pumpkin & sesame seeds!!!

Taco de Papa … $6

Pan fried potatoes, peppers and onions, chile morita mayonesa, cilantro VEGAN Contains soy!

Huevo con Jamon Taco … $6

Ham and Sungold tomato scramble, guacasalsa, pickled onion, cilantro

Bean & Cheese Taco … $6

Puréed Mayocoba beans, Tillamook cheddar, roasted tomatillo-jalapeño salsa, onion, cilantro

Chips y Salsa Morita (4oz.) … $4

Fermented Habanero Hot Sauce (2oz.) … $1

Beers Y Mas

Agua de Sandia … $6

Café de Olla … $4

Michelada … $8 Spicy tomato juice, ice, Modelo Especial VEGAN CONTAINS SOY & WHEAT!!!

Modelo Especial 12oz. can … $5

Oakland United Beerworks Zapatos de Baile Mexican Style Lager 16oz. can … $8

Original Pattern Maize Runner American Lager 16oz. can … $8

Athletic Brewing “Cerveza Atletica” N/A Mexican Lager 12oz. can … $6

Far West Cider Co. You Guava Be Kidding Me … 12 oz. can … $8

Line 51 “One Inch Punch” IPA 16 oz. can … $9

Broc Cellars Sparkling White Wine … 12 oz. can … $14

Far West Cider Co. Nü Dry Cider 12 oz. can … $8

Una Lou Rosé 12oz. can … $14

Mexican Coke 12oz. Btl. … $4

Mexican Squirt 12oz. Btl. … $4

Jarritos Mineragua Mineral Water 12oz. Btl. … $4

***A 1% Dining For Justice surcharge will be applied to all checks to help feed our houseless neighbors. Please let us know if you’d like to opt out.***